24 hour HotLine: (516) 292.3040

Our office
has re-opened!

9 ~ 5pm (almost every day) Please call ahead to verify
someone is available.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

July Rep's Meeting

July 6st, 7:30pm
Meeting ID: 554 670 5146
Passcode: 870607
(New Intergroup Representatives Orientation
starts at 7:00pm)

For information on Meeting reopenings,
head to Reopening Information.

For most recent status of Nassau Intergroup,
head to
an updated
COVID19 Update.

For the latest information about Literature sales.

For a listing of on-line meetings
click the link above for "Virtual Meetings"

Volunteers are still needed to help us keep the
phones covered 24/7 via call forwarding,
more important now than ever. Contact
nightbook@nassauny-aa.org to volunteer.

Keep in touch, info@nassauny-aa.org.

If your group has organized any telephone,
email or online meetings, please
share with us at meetinglist@nassauny-aa.org

Welcome to the
official web site of the
Intergroup Association
of Nassau

This site is charged with
providing information
regarding all levels of AA,
and Nassau County AA in particular.

You will find such information as:

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In these pages, you will find links to relevant websites
within the AA community.

Finally, we in the
Nassau Intergroup of AA
always endeavor to act
in accordance with AA's
12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts for World Service.

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This website is neither endorsed nor approved by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc.
It is provided solely by Nassau InterGroup of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc
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