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Intergroup Association
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361 Hempstead Turnpike
West Hempstead, NY 11552-1342

Office open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
for InterGroup business, books & literature, speakers for non-AA groups, etc.
(516) 292.3045


We are an entirely volunteer organization.
There are no paid employees.
As a result, volunteers are always needed! Requirements are six months of sobriety and four hours at least once a month. A great way to place step twelve into action! For further information, contact the Intergroup Office.

Our Purpose

As we say in our meeting books (and more formally in our ByLaws):

Declaration of Purpose

Nassau InterGroup of Alcoholics Anonymous is an all volunteer organization formed by the AA groups in Nassau County to serve all groups and meetings in Nassau county.

In order to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the still sick and suffering alcoholic, both in and out of the fellowship, Nassau InterGroup, in accordance with AA’s 12 Steps, Traditions, and Concepts of World Service, has as its primary purpose:

  • to have all telephone inquiries answered by a recovering alcoholic. The Nassau InterGroup HotLine number will be listed in the Nassau telephone directory. Meeting information and 12 step referrals will be made from all Nassau area groups that have provided up-to-date information.
  • publish and distribute at regular intervals up-to-date directories of group meetings in Nassau county.
  • publish and distribute a monthly newsletter.
  • provide for quarterly group exchange meetings at which groups may exchange meetings with other groups.
  • provide for monthly institutions committee meetings at which groups may arrange to participate in “inside” meetings.
  • conduct monthly business meetings to address any group concerns and intergroup business.

Yours in love and service,
Nassau InterGroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Our ByLaws

To read our ByLaws, please click the icon below.

ByLaws of NIAA

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Our WebSite

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Our History

As adapted and expanded from the SENY history book

A Brief History of A.A. in Nassau County

...what we used to be like, what happened, and what we are like now...

1940 - The first group in Nassau County started in a member’s home in Garden City, Manhasset, or Freeport. Our sources all agree to when, but not to where. Such explains the need for Archives. Many early groups met in group members’ homes, which is why they were called “home groups.” At this time our fellowship was five years old.

1946 - The first meeting list printed by New York Intergroup listed 5 meetings here in Nassau County.
The Baldwin Group met in the Girl Scout Building on Park Avenue in Baldwin on Sunday and Thursday,
the Mineola Group met in the Old Court House on Old Country Road on Monday and Friday and
the North Shore Group met on Plandome Road in Manhasset on Wednesday.
While not listed in NY’s printed list, there were also meetings in Freeport, Glen Head and Valley Stream.

1948 - 1969 - The Manhasset-Roslyn Telephone Service fulfilled a need at a time when there were relatively few groups on Long Island and membership was small. The Manhasset-Roslyn Group undertook this service and effort, unassisted financially by any other group or by New York Intergroup.

The vast growth in population on Long Island, brought with it a greater demand for A.A. information and a constant increase in activity for the telephone answering service. The burden of handling the service became excessive, more trying, and more than any one group could sustain, no matter how highly dedicated they were.

1970 (June 24) - The members of the A.A. groups in Nassau County voted overwhelmingly at the Church of the Advent, Westbury to assume the burden of providing a telephone answering service to help the suffering alcoholic in Nassau County. This service was called the Nassau Answering Service of Alcoholics Anonymous. There were 53 groups in Nassau at this time. With the help of our non-alcoholic clergy friends of the Church of the Advent, this telephone answering service was set up in the basement of Winthrop Hall, Advent Street, Westbury. It was the intention of this volunteer group to establish better communication for Twelve Step calls, for assistance between all the local Nassau groups and the suffering alcoholic.

1971 (January) - Volume 1, Number 1 of the Nassau Newsletter distributed to the groups. This newsletter has been published every month since that time.

1977 (February)- The Nassau Answering Service moved to its own office in Hempstead.
(September) - The name changed to Central Office for Nassau County and a proposal was presented to the groups to form an intergroup. 24 hour phone service was provided.

1980 - The Central Office of Nassau moved to a new office in West Hempstead. The groups at that time having the “courage to change,” followed their Higher Power’s guidance and became Nassau Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous. Nassau Intergroup was serving 153 groups and answering 1000 calls a month by volunteer group members.

1983 - Nassau InterGroup incorporated under the laws of NY State as a non profit organization.

1989 - Nassau Intergroup outgrew the office they occupied in West Hempstead. With continued use of the Serenity Prayer, Nassau Intergroup moved to a larger office in the same building.

1994 (October) - The Institutions Committee serving Nassau left New York Intergroup and became Nassau Intergroup’s largest standing committee. The Nassau Intergroup Institutions Committee brings A.A. meetings to hospitals, detox facilities, rehabs, and the jail in Nassau County every day of the week.

1996 (December 5) - The Ad Hoc Special Needs Committee became a permanent standing committee at Nassau Intergroup.

1998 - As of this writing, (February 1998) Nassau Intergroup serves over 300 groups. We are all volunteer, fully self-supported through our groups’ contributions. We continue to maintain a 24 hour hotline staffed by volunteer group members since 1977. We distributed 100,000 meeting lists in the last year at no additional charge to our members. We publish a monthly newsletter. We have an active Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) committee, Public Information (PI) committee and Speakers Bureau.

1998 (June) - After much discussion, the representatives of Nassau InterGroup agreed to post its’ meeting list on-line for all to access. This fledgling website also included copies of the monthly newsletter and the calendar of events.

1998 (August) - Once again, turning things over, Nassau InterGroup moved the office. A very short trip, downstairs and next door, but a move to expanded quarters that were finally handicapped accessible.

2004 (August) - A major revision of the ByLaws was under taken that finally up graded the Ad Hoc Archives, Corrections and WebSite committees to full standing positions in Nassau InterGroup.


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