Other AA Service Bodies

This collection of links to other recognized AA service bodies
is provided for your use if you are looking for further information
regarding AA activity outside of the physical boundaries
of Nassau InterGroup and/or Area 49 (South Eastern New York).

While this is a reasonably thorough list,
it is almost impossible to compile and maintain a complete list
of all the web sites that are being posted by the various AA entities.
If you find one that we have missed and you feel should be included,
please let the web master of this site know about it.

Clicking on any of these links
will take you directly to that web site
without the customary warning notice
that you are now leaving the Nassau InterGroup web site.

InterGroups/Central Offices/Answering Services

United States Only

In most parts of this county,
the local meeting list
(in some places known as a
Where & When)
is maintained by the
local intergroup, central office or answering service.
In some locales,
this information is maintained
by a local district or
even (in a couple of instances) the area.

For an experimental, interactive map with links to the local AA organizations, follow this link.

Links showing in red lead to the AAWS page listing
of InterGroup/Central Offices/Answering Service on a state by state basis.

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General Service Areas

United States & Canada

The Conference General Service Area Web sites listed below are for local general service information purposes. We have provided this list to facilitate information about local general service activities. Listing of these Web sites does not constitute or indicate review, endorsement, or approval.

Numeric Order

Alphabetic Order

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International GSO’s with WebSites

Many of these websites include a page with further links to websites containing local meeting lists.
While most of these websites are not in English, some either are or include a limited set of English language pages (look for a small icon of a US or British flag).

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