From the Chair:
27th Anniversary Celebration
Think of your own Home Group, only much
Saturday April 29, 2006
better attended and with really huge stakes in
AA's  future.  That  would be the 56th  Annual
7:00pm – 11:00pm
General Service Conference, held in New York
Cure of Ars School-Auditorium
City, April 24-28. It always troubles me when I
2323 Merrick Avenue
hear sometimes: 'That really doesn't concern
me as an average AA member.' That is so the
Merrick, New York
opposite.   We   are,   now,   individually,   the
Directions: Enter in back on Hewlett St,
personal custodians of the preservation of this
1 block east of Merrick Ave, Parking lot on right,
beautifully spiritual fellowship. Please see that
150 yds. South of Sunrise Highway
your  own  beloved  Home  Group  which  you
attend each week has a GSR along with an
Does your Group have an up-to-date
Intergroup  Rep.  That  will   fulfill  the  groups'
responsibility   to   the   next   generation   of
12th  Step List on record with  the
alcoholics to come. Let's not be so removed
Nightbook Contact list?
from the sacred inheritance that Bill, Bob and
the old timers left us.
On   the   behalf   of   Nassau   Intergroup's
committees, Reps, and all members, we send
Roosevelt “We Care”
our  love,support,   and  prayers   to   our   Area
Delegate, Bill C. He will make the sacrifice of
32th Group Anniversary
time and energy on our behalf at this week
May 6, 2006
long   business   meeting.   For   that   we   are
grateful. Remember too that April is Alcohol
7 -11 PM
Awareness Month to the public. Let's be that
 Community Center
reflection of the Big Book they may witness.
55 Mansfield Avenue
Thanks for letting me serve.
Roosevelt, NY
Together We Can,
Marie MS
Music & Dancing..............9:00pm
There will be no Old Timers meetings
during the months of April, May and June.
Nassau General Service
Please accept our apology.
will be hosting the SENY
Marie M.S.
Post - Conference Assembly on May 13
10:30am. To 3:30pm
Nassau Intergroup
at St. Patrick's Church
April 15, 2006
12 Pearsall Street
The Williston Park Solutions Group
Glen Cove, NewYork
begins an ASL-Interpreted meeting.
Volunteers are needed
Its 7:15pm Beginner's meeting will be
to help out on the day of the event
ASL-Interpreted every
Anyone interested please contact
3rd Saturday of each month.
Tony P or your GSR
Sobriety With Hope Group
Thank you.

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