Night Book, Night Book, Night Book
The Nightbook project is going well. We have
the phones manned until 9:00am every morning,
therefore the  alcoholic is never  alone.  AA has
Freeport: Grupo Solo pro Hoy has added a Mon
shown   me that many  times  - what  a beautiful
night 9:00pm CD meeting.
fellowship! When your group takes the hotline it's
then your group connecting to AA as a whole.
Freeport:    Mercy   Medical   Cntr,   90   Mill   Rd
Thanks to the following groups for taking this
(Institutional  mtg)  has changed its Mon  CD to
commitment in the month of September:
3   Cedarhurst-Hewlett Group
Glen Cove: Closed Discussion Group has made
3   Glen Head Group
its   Wed   night   8:00pm   meeting   a   beginner's
3   Elmont Group
3   Early Risers Group, Long Beach
Glen Head: Glen Head Group Anniversaries are
Yours in Gratitude,
celebrated on the last Tue at the 8:00pm mtg, and
Teri Q, Nightbook Chair
the 6:45 Thu meeting is a Trad on the last Thu.
Grupo Nueva Direccion has moved
to 139 Jackson St (bsmnt).
The Suffolk County Intergroup Association of A.A.
Lynbrook:    Primary     Purpose    Group     both
will hold its annual Shareathon
meetings are Open.
Saturday November 4, 2006
9:30am to 4:30pm
Oysyter     Bay:    O.B./Sagamore     Group     will
St. Joseph's College in Patchogue
celebrate  anniversaries on  the  last  Sun  at the
Directions: take Sunrise Highway east-Exit on Waverly Ave,
7:30pm Open meeting.
stay on the service road, then follow signs to the college.
For more information contact the SIA office at (631) 654-1150
Roosevelt: We Care Group has canceled its Wed
10:30 am meeting and the Fri 7:15pm will be:
From the Chair:
a Beginner's meeting on the 1st, 3rd, (& 5th) Fri and
When I got sober I was grateful to be of service
an Open meeting on the 2nd and 4th Fri.
in   any   capacity.   I   still   feel   that   way.   I   have
Syosset: Sobriety First Group has canceled its
responsibilities now to Nassau county as a whole,
including helping with group inventories. I thank
the Elmont-Give It A try for inviting me to facilitate
Westbury; Grupo 2 de Enero will also meet on
theirs just this month. As I am getting ready to
Fri at 10:00pm and Sat at 9:00pm.
rotate out as chairperson, I am so very grateful to
West Hempstead: Decision Group adds a Tue
still be active at my home group. I know that as a
8:15pm Closed Discussion to its schedule.
rep you love your home group. I hope I'll see you
at mine-Cedarhurst-Hewlett's 47th anniversary on
October 27th . We will celebrate, but our hearts
Farmingdale:  Grupo   Volvera   Empezar   Casa
will be heavy.  We'll be missing our Friday night
Comunal   de  Farmingdale   meets  Fri  &  Sat   at
chairperson    who   is   hospitalized   in   serious
condition.   I   know   our   Margaret   was   looking
forward to our Halloween party. I have two months
Huntington   Station:   High   Noon   Group   has
left as your chairperson, and then I'll  serve my
moved  to
175  Wolf   Hill  Rd   (downstairs,  back
home group. Service at any level is a privilege.
entrance)  at  12noon:Mon-Step,  Tues-BB,  Wed-
Being sober is a blessing.
Beginner's, Thu-CD,and Fri-Topic mtg.
Thanks for my sobriety, and allowing me to
Anyone with 6 months sobriety, who is
Together We Can,
interested in answering the phones,
Marie MS
(516) 292-3045

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