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Meeting List Changes
Of   the   two   primary   purposes   of   Nassau
Intergroup, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date
The Home Group: The Heartbeat of A.A.
meeting list could arguably  have the most wide
This book consists of 42 articles reprinted from the
ranging consequences for both the new comer and
Grapevine   by   A.A.   Members   out   of   their   own
the old timer.
To prevent any confusion, it was decided that
The following is from the preface to this book:
changes would only be accepted that have been
“The Home Group is where recovery begins; it is
submitted  on  the  "Meeting  List  Change  Form"
where A.A. Members grow up by the time-honored
readily available at the office or on line. Changes
process of trial and error, to discover that can be loved
can  no  longer  just  be  phoned  into  the  office,
“warts and all.” It is where they learn to put the needs
scribbled on a scrap of paper or sent in by eMail.
of others ahead of their own desires. It is where they
first have the opportunity to serve others, and where
This   form   is  really   quite   simple   and   self-
they learn the opportunity of service beyond the group.”
explanatory,   but   does   need   to   be   filled   out
Spiritual Awakening
completely, including a contact name and phone
Read about the journeys of the spirit A.A.'s have
number, other wise it will not be processed.
taken on their way from alcoholism to recovery: Their
A  recent  example  also  proved  the  need  of
return to  the  abandoned  faith of  their  youth.  Their
proof reading before submitting.  This form was
discovery   of   an   entirely   new   Higher   power.   Their
turned into the office on  8/10/06, listed all  the
integration of personal philosophies with the principles of
meeting  times across the  board  ,indicated "No
the Steps and Traditions. And the practical ways they put
their spiritual values into operation in their daily lives. On
changes" (they just wanted to up-date the "Last
the    spiritual    journey,    we     follow     many    paths.
Updated" notation on their listing). Only problem,
(from the Grapevine web site)
there was no Town, Group Name or even Mtg
2007 Calendars and Pocket Planners also available
Facility indicated.
Okay, so I'll  go the extra mile and call the
person who submitted the form and check. Go
On   Saturday,   September  16th,  2006  at   the
down to the "Telephone #" and find "897" for the
Southeastern NY (SENY) Elections Assembly the
phone number, unfortunately my phone company
following   AA   members   were   elected   to   serve
does   require   more   than   just   three   digits   to
SENY and Alcoholics Anonymous for 2007/2008:
complete a phone call. So to some group out there
Delegate - John W, Alt Delegate - Richard S, Area
that is expecting their meeting list entry to be up
Chair -  Roberto  L,  Treasurer   -  Susan   F,  and
dated, please re-submit the information.
Secretary - Linda M. Congratulations from Nassau
Trying     to     keep     track     of     over     275
County members.
groups/meetings with over 788 individual meetings
Also a friendly reminder to groups who have a
is quite a challenging task. Please do your best to
GSR,   Nassau   General   Service   Group   will   be
make sure these entries are current and accurate.
holding it’s elections of new officers on Monday,
In Love and Service,
October   23rd,   2006.   I’ve   invited   Marie   MS,
Cory B
Intergroup Chair and Cynthia S, 1st Vice Chair to
help with our elections. Thank you ladies!
In service,
Brenda P
Back from Texas and back to business. Catching up
DCMC Nassau
at work and home has me a little  busy, and maybe a
little stressed. So what does my sponsor say, “meetings
and service will cure that kid”.
Our  first  Share-a-Day  Committee meeting  went
We Remember:
pretty well. We could still use more help. Please join us
at our next Share-a-Day Committee meeting. It will be
Ray “Papa” H   (August 21, 2006)
Wednesday, October 11th,2006 at 8:00 pm at the Nassau
Cedarhurst/Hewlett Group 26 years
Intergroup office. Together we can. See you there.
Your AA Brother,
Brian M   (April 8, 2006)
Victor D
Monday Night Men Group N.Y.C.
2007 Share-a-Day Chair

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