From the Chair:
Dear Friends,
I hope you are all having a sober and peaceful start to the
New Year. As we settle into the winter months, remember
Baldwin Harbor: Sober Living Group  The last
that one of the best ways to enhance your sobriety and keep
Monday is   a Traditions meeting.  (Used to be
your enthusiasm alive is by getting involved in service…
described as the 4th  Monday.) This meeting is
giving back what was so freely given to you.
also Handicapped Accessible. Calvary Protestant
It’s as simple as taking a commitment in your Home
Church, 2801 Park Ave. 11510.
Group; joining a service committee at the Intergroup office;
Garden City: Dartmouth Street Group Meetings
volunteering to answer the phones; signing up to take the
are now held Monday at 7:30pm (Beginner's) and
Night Book; sharing your experience, strength and hope at a
Thursday   at   7:30pm   (two   meetings:   a  Closed
meeting; and most importantly helping a newcomer.
Discussion   meeting   and   a   Step   meeting).   St.
If you’re looking for ways to get involved, all you have
Anne's Church, 35 Dartmouth St. 11530.
to have is the willingness. Pick up the phone and give me a
call at (516) 292-3045, and I’ll share with you opportunities
that are available at Intergroup.
Remember two important jewels:  (1) The first step
begins with “We” to remind us that we can’t do this alone;
Farmingdale: Sunday at the Park holds a Closed
and (2) You can’t keep what you have unless you give it
meeting   on   Sundays   at   9:30am.   Allen   Town
Community   Park,   45   Motor   Ave.,   Farmingdale
Happy Anniversary to all February celebrants!
Blessed to Serve,
Freeport: Jaywalkers Group will meet at 7:30pm
Intergroup Chairperson
on   Mondays   and   offer   Open   and   Big   Book
meetings. First Presbyterian Church of Freeport,
From the Treasurer
178 S. Ocean Ave.
From the Treasurer- Prudent Reserve
Nassau  Intergroup   maintains   a  reserve  fund.   This
prudent reserve serves as a buffer to assure we can maintain
Anyone with 6 months sobriety, who is
services in the face of either the unexpected or a large
interested in answering the phones,
planned   demand   on   our   resources.  Examples   of   the
CONTACT: the Office Coordinator
unexpected include ordinary things like fewer contributions
(516) 292-3045
coming in than budgeted, but also extraordinary things like a
catastrophic   loss   not  fully  covered  by  insurance  (the
intergroups  in  New Orleans understand this  well).  An
example of a large planned demand on our resources was the
Make your New Year's Resolution to take the
expenses related to the renovation of the office last year.
Hotline once a year.  An experience I had recently
The maintenance of the reserve fund is set out  in
is I spoke to an alcoholic on the hotline and told
Intergroup’s by-laws in Article VIII, specifically that we
him where a meeting was; he showed up and was
“will seek to accrue and maintain a prudent reserve not to
very  grateful.   Sometimes we  forget  how  much
exceed one years combined expenses of Nassau Intergroup
impact we have on  others that don't have  the
and its various committees . . . .” You will note the by-laws
tell us only the upper limit on the reserve.
I wish to thank the following groups for taking
I hope this information will be helpful as we continue to
the Nightbook in January:
discuss the management of our reserve resources.
3   Glen Cove Women's Discussion
In other matters, please remember to place your group’s
NIG number—found to the right of your group’s name in the
3   Manhasset Group
meeting   list—on  all   contributions  and  inquiries.  Also,
3   New Life, West Hempstead
remember  the   upcoming   Finance/Treasurers’  Workshop
3   Gift of Serentiy, Franklin Square
February 17th here at the office.
Love & service,
I am happy to try to answer any questions you may have,
Nightbook Chair
and to assist your group in any way. Just ask.
In service,

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