Opportunities for Service
First things first, a happy and a healthy NEW
The  website committee  of Nassau  Intergroup  is
YEAR to all. As the new year begins I am filled
accepting  new members. We need help  with  content
with gratitude and as always HOPE. Sobriety has
creation, design,  and policies.  A knowledge  of  web
given me these and more. Fellowship and service
page coding is not necessary for useful  contribution to
is the key.
the committee's work.
Share-a-Day planning is going well, less than
We   are   also  accepting   volunteers  to   moderate
three months to go. The theme contest deadline
forums that we would like to introduce to the website.
for Share-a-Day is February 1st, 2007 so please
Discussion areas need to be checked for appropriateness
send your suggestions to shareaday@nassauny-
of   content  and  adherence   to  AA   traditions  before
aa(dot)org  with   your   name,   home   group,   and
postings are approved. This commitment will require a
contact   number   or   just   drop  it  off  at   Nassau
few minutes of time several times a week.
Intergroup’s Office. Be a part of.
Check the newsletter calendar of events on the first
Please come and see us at our next Share-a-
page for details about the meeting time and place. You
Day Committee meeting and join in the fun. Our
can email question to: webmaster@nassauny-aa(dot)org
next meeting will be Wednesday, February 14th,
A message from Ed, the Literature guy:
2007 at 8:00 PM at the Nassau Intergroup office.
See you there.
Along  with  the Big  Books, step  Books, Living
Your AA Brother
Sober, and other books from  World Service, Nassau
2007 Share-a-Day Chair
Intergroup also carries books from Grapevine such as
the following:   The Homegroup, Emotional Sobriety,
Best of Bill, I am Responsible,Spiritual Awakening, and
Thank You For Sharing.
February 17, 2007- Nassau Intergroup
The office is open 9AM to 4:30PM for the sale
AA Finance/Treasurers’
of books, and the phone reps do not carry change.
Friendly reminder to all groups, please have your
10 AM to 12 noon at Nassau Intergroup office,
GSR attend our February 19th meeting, and if your group
361 Hempstead Turnpike
does not have a GSR would your group consider electing
West Hempstead, NY 11552-1342
one? Our SENY  Delegate will  be at this meeting to
Contact: treasurer@nassauny-aa(dot)org
discuss the 57th  Annual General Service Conference
Agenda items. Any AA member may attend our county
meeting.  There will be a workshop at Nassau Intergroup
Early Risers of Long Beach
on “Spirituality and Sponsorship” hosted by District’s
207&216, March 10th 2007 from 9:30 AM – 3PM. The
Group Anniversary Party
district   has   some   great   speakers   lined   up.   Light
Sat., Feb. 24, 2007 – 6:30 pm
refreshments  including lunch will  be served. All are
Community Center at the Point Lookout Marina
Great Food, AA Meeting, and Live music
by the band “THE MYSTIC”
In Service,
DCMC Nassau
District 208 welcomes G.S.R.’s,
and anyone interested
District 207/216 present
in learning more about District 208
Saturday, March 10th
to attend our Monthly Meetings on the:
at Nassau Intergroup
First Thursday of every month at 8:00pm at the Glen Head
361 Hempstead Turnpike, W Hempstead
Community Center Our next meeting:
Workshops on Spirituality and Sponsorship
Date: Thursday - January 4,2007
Time: 8:00pm
 9:30-10:00 am: Continental Breakfast
Place: Glen Head Community Center
10:00 -11:00  Spirituality – Live at 5
200 Glen Head Road
11-12: Sponsorship – Early Risers
Glen Head, NY 11545
12-1pm: Lunch
For more information contact the
1-2: Spirituality – Garden City Group
District Committee Member: dcm208@aaseny(dot)org
2-3: Sponsorship/Big Book: Floral Park
(District 208:
We welcome your participation and sharing.
Bayville, Glen Cove, Glen Head, Sea Cliff, Locust Valley, Lattingtown)

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