From the Chair
Dear Friends:
I   can’t   believe   we’re   already   in   the   month   of
October… time is really flying by. Before you know it, we’ll
Locust Valley:
The Choices Group no longer meets at the
be preparing for our holiday Alkathons (preparations for
Reformed Church of Locust Valley.
our Thanksgiving Alkathon are under way – details in our
Locust Valley:
Sound Sobriety Group now offers a Closed
Nov. newsletter).
Discussion meeting only on Tue at 7:30pm. The 7:00pm Fri
As we move into a new season, I found the following
meeting is a Big Book/Step meeting; the 8:00pm Fri meeting
excerpt from  Daily Reflections, titled A Prayer for All
is Open (Anniversary meeting on the last Fri of the month).
St. John's, 331 Lattingtown Rd. 11560
God grant us the serenity to accept the things we
Massapequa Park: The Lost Weekend Group now offers a
cannot change, Courage to change the things we can,
7:30pm Step meeting on Sun (instead of BB), with the last
and wisdom to know the difference. Twelve Steps and
Sun a Traditions meeting. The Wed Closed Discussion
Twelve Traditions, p. 125.
meeting   at   7:00pm   is   unchanged   (last   Wed,   Open
Anniversary). The Fri 7:30pm Big Book meeting is new. The
The power of this prayer is overwhelming in that its
Sat   10:00am  Beginner's   meeting   is   unchanged.   (See
simple beauty parallels the AA Fellowship. There are
Sobriety by the Page entry below.) Our Lady of Lourdes RC
times when I get stuck while reciting it, but if I examine
Church, 855 Carmans Rd (Rectory basement). 11762.
the section which is troubling me, I find the answer to my
Massapequa Park: Sobriety by the Page Group is now
problem. The first time this happened I was scared, but
part of The Lost Weekend Group and meets on Fri for a BB
now I use it as a valuable tool.  By accepting life as it is, I
meeting. See above for details.
gain serenity. By taking action, I gain courage and I thank
Merrick: Stepping Stones Group building is closed on holy
God for the ability to distinguish between those situations
days and holidays. Cure of Ars Church, 2323 Merrick Ave.
I can work on, and those I must turn over. All that I have
The New Young People's Meeting meets Thu
now is a gift from God: my life, my usefulness, my
at 7:30pm (Beginner's). 1st United Meth Ch, 2837 Davison
contentment, and this program. The serenity enables me
to continue walking forward. Alcoholics Anonymous is the
Syosset: Syosset Midnight Group has changed its name
easier softer way.
to  Syosset  Friday Night  Group,  which now  meets at
HELP NEEDED: We are looking to fill two open
10:30pm (open discussion meetings; last 1 ½ hours max). In
commitments on our Steering committee: (1) Intergroup
good weather, the group meets outside under the stars. St.
Secretary. This person would be responsible for taking,
Edward's Church, 205 Jackson Ave.
editing, and distributing minutes for all Nassau Intergroup
Steering Committee and Representatives meetings (the
The 11th  Step Meditation Group  meets at
first and last Thursday of every month). Also ensures
10:00am,   Tuesdays.   Children   welcome.   Shelter   Rock
copies   of   all   minutes   are   placed  in   Archives.   (2)
Church, 626 Plandome Road. 11030.
Chairperson of our Financial Review Committee. This
Manhasset: The Searingtown Serenity Group  meets at
person officiates at regular meetings of the Finance
7:30pm, Wednesdays. Step meeting. St. Ignatius Retreat
Committee, works with the Finance Committee to audit
House (lower floor, rear). Searingtown Rd. 11030.
the   various   business   accounts,   performs   periodic
inventories  of  literature supply,  prepares the  annual
budget, and ensures that proper procedures are followed
Hello, all you blessed people! I say that because
for all monetary transactions, so that all donations and
expenses are recorded in a timely and consistent manner.
we were chosen to pass this message on. And that's
If  anyone is  interested in  either commitment,  kindly
what we do on the Hotline: we pass the message, even
contact me at (516) 292-3045 for further information.
if the question seems unrelated at the time. We might
I’d like to thank Reyne B and Denis O for their many
be the only AA members some people will see or hear.
years of service to Nassau Intergroup.
So we are responsible....
Happy Anniversary to all of our October celebrants!
Thank you to the following groups for taking the
Blessed to Serve,
nightbook in the month of September:
Intergroup Chairperson
3???The Encouragement Group – Rockville Cntr
3???Pt Lookout Serenity PM & LB Serenity AM
* Reprinted from The Daily Reflections, p. 221, with permission of A.A. World Services,
3???CedarhurstHewlett Group
3???Sober Start – Sea Cliff
Traveling Out of Town?
Yours in Love and Service,
Nightbook Chair
Don't forget to contact local intergroups for meeting
information. You can find a list of intergroups outside of
Nassau County on the Nassau Intergroup website. Go to
PHONE VOLUNTEERS: and click on Town Links.
Anyone with 6 months sobriety,
Scroll down that page to the following link: “To find a
who is interested in answering the phones,
meeting outside of Nassau County: Other AA Service
CONTACT: the Office Coordinator: (516) 292-3045

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